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Why Stories?

Storytelling is how we as humans keep our ancestors alive and history preserved. Stories help us make sense of our life experiences and of the world around us. Stories spark emotion and connect us to each other. And they define us.

Our Vision

At War: In Pieces, we understand the power of storytelling. We envision a world in which the impact and sacrifice of our military community is understood and appreciated and brought to life in contemporary times. While facts and reasoning are important, it is the heart and not the head that rules most of us. In fact, our brain tends to reject facts and arguments that don’t connect with the narratives we connect to emotionally.

Our Work

To ensure that our soldiers and military families are appreciated and not forgotten, War In Pieces collects, curates and displays their heartfelt stories. To further immerse visitors into the stories they read, we collect artifacts and objects that symbolize each story. Our work builds a bridge to connect military and civilian societies. We help Canadians to see and understand the person, rather than the uniform because we can all relate to the deep breadth of emotions that are expressed in these stories, including amusement, pride, despair, love, and gratitude.

Donate Your Story

Your story is powerful and precious and important to us. By sharing it, you give us, the civilian world, insight into your life. We want to get to know you. If you are ready to donate your story and a symbol to represent it, contact us by phone 587.585.2141 or email info@war-in-pieces.com. To learn more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. You can send us a video of you telling your story or a few paragraphs of writing, together with a symbol.

Become a part of the community that is creating thoughtful engagement between our military community and the public whom they serve.

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