We Remember: Honouring Canadian War Stories

Lest We Forget

We remember and honour those who served our country, those who serve in uniform today, and those who support from home.

Please take a moment to read this beautiful poem by one of our anonymous War In Pieces poets:

The Words of the Fallen

I dedicated my life to you,
But what did I get in return?

I bled in the streets of a foreign land,
My last thoughts, were my loved ones.

I believed in you, to make things right
To look after all those I have left behind.

But what did you tell them, what did you do?
To make my death seem right?

How did you listen? How did you help them?
Was my death all in vain?

I look down upon them each and every day,
Wishing I could help them, just even to hold them and tell them they will be ok.

I am so proud of them, because they have moved forward
They needed your help but in my honour, never said a word

But you should have known, you should have reached out,
For me, who was left behind, dying in a foreign land.

It’s never to late, to make amends
Even for those who will never ask

You just need to talk to them, go say hello,
Instead of being silent.

Forget your policies, forget the controversy
Give them their space as they require

But do not disappear; do not forget me through them
Otherwise, I was nothing to begin with.

Please do not take that away from me,
Please honour my family the same as you would honour me!

Author’s Notes

I have witnessed far too much death over my career as a soldier. I also know that our suffering as a Nation has only begun. We have come a long way since the “Somalia” and the “Medak Pocket” as far as looking after our soldiers, but continue to fail to represent the families of our fallen. Not since the Great Wars and Korea have we experienced such losses in battle as we have Afghanistan. Afghanistan was a war that still does not make sense to many Canadians but did not matter to those who were asked to serve.

A soldier has certain expectations, a code. One of which is that our families will be well served in our absence, in our untimely passing. I have attended many functions as of late and have to wonder if those who dictate the policies and allocate the resources have actually taken the time to make contact with all those family members to see how they are doing. To show them that their loved ones have not been forgotten.

Remembrance Day is here and will always be a difficult day for those who remain, to remember. We can go about our busy lives, but on that one-day we too will always remember, but why? Why do we wait so long to look in the mirror and ask ourselves as a society have we done our very best? What more is it that we can do?

You know the answer as I do……listen, and listen even more to the words that are not spoken.

Lest We Ever Forget!

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