A Soldier’s Wife

A Soldier's Wife

A soldier comes and goes, without ever a peep,
Reflections of his last trip, remaining ever so deep

He is off to go to another foreign land,
Rucksack and duffle bag, a grip in his hand.

He will leave yet again, for a long, long time,
But always will remain, forever on her mind.

She will do what she does best, to “maintain the fort”
While he does what is asked, in that foreign port

She will nourish and mentor his children, without ever a thought
Dedicate her strengths, efforts and all she has bought

It is she who allows him to do what he does
Without ever a word, or gentle nudge

For she is a Soldier’s Wife, who knows no better
But prays every day for no visit, nor official letter

So next time you see a soldier that stands before you
As sure as the sun will rise in a sky that is always blue

His true strength, stands beside him, with grace and a confident style
A silence presence and beautiful smile

We know as soldiers, we can never do it alone
So today is our day to share what is written, but never in stone

But is written from the heart
And something we have always known, right from the start

I am proud of you, as a soldier’s wife
For you are the strength, that gives us life.

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Author’s Notes:

There is something to be said for a Soldier’s Wife. Any true soldier knows that there is no way possible we could do what we do without the love and support of our wives and our families.

We as soldiers “have it easy” compared to what we ask of our loved ones and especially our wives to do. It takes a strong and dedicated woman to maintain a family without the day to day support of a husband who is often more than a thousand miles away.

A wife who now becomes the mother and the father, the bank manager, the bill payer, the taxi service, the hockey or soccer mom, the coach, the doctor and the nurse.

They are the provider, the cook, the spiritual leader and all around motivator and guidance counsellor and these, are just a mere few of the examples of what a soldiers wife becomes just overnight.

It is time to recognize the amazing efforts of our life partners who I am sure never truly understood the “terms of reference” when they married into the “military way of life”.

But always remember and never forget that “Behind every great soldier, is a better wife…….”

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